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LATIN AMERICA | 08-03-2020 08:00

Bolivia sends UNHCR note on Evo Morales' activity in Argentina

Bolivia will send a note from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees discussing refugees acting against their country of origin to Argentina, in regards to the actions of ex-president Evo Morales.

Bolivia will send Argentina a note from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) that ensures that refugees cannot carry out activities against their country of origin, following a consultation on the work of former president Evo Morales. 

Bolivian Foreign Minister Karen Longaric reported Friday at a press conference that his office received the response to the consultation he made to the UNHCR in December, after the recurring public and political appearances of Morales in Buenos Aires, where he has been a refugee since December 12. 

“The Foreign Ministry will send a copy of the UNHCR note to the Argentine Foreign Ministry so that they can take the corresponding precautions, in order to comply with international regulations and the recommendations of the UNHCR,” said the head of Bolivian diplomacy. 

Longaric consulted the UN office about whether it was permissible for “refugees to give opinion of a political nature or to carry out political acts that jeopardise the stability of the country that persecutes them.”

Morales resigned on November 10 after almost 14 years in power. 

The former governor was first isolated in Mexico and then in Argentina, where he performs public political activities, gives statements to the press and issues opinions, mainly from Twitter. 

From Buenos Aires he tried to qualify as a candidate for senator in the upcoming elections on May 3, but he was blocked by the electoral body. 

Morales in being investigated for crimes of sedition and terrorism, and has been accused of promoting the protests of farmers’ unions against the current right-wing president, Jeanine Añez. 



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