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Bukele says Milei faces a “great challenge”

President and candidate for re-election in El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, said on Wednesday that Argentine President, Javier Milei, faces a great challenge to deal with the lack of foreign currency and political opposition in his country.

El Salvador President Nayib Bukele has shown support for his Argentine counterpart Javier Milei, highlighting the “very difficult” challenge the libertarian leader faces in governing.

Bukele, who is running for re-election and has taken a leave of absence while on the campaign trail, said on Wednesday that Milei faced strong political opposition to his economic reform plans and noted Argentina’s lack of foreign currency.

“Milei has a great, very difficult, challenge, I told him so,” Bukele stated during a forum on the X (former Twitter) with some 3,000 people from different Latin American countries.

Bukele said that one of the biggest challenges Milei is facing “is that Argentina has a huge problem of lack of foreign currency, a kind of ticking time bomb.”

His second problem is that “he’s going to face a system that doesn’t agree with him.”

“He may be president, the person with the highest position politically speaking, but there will be a Congress, courts, a Constitutional Court, and he will face political realities such as those we had in our first two years of government,” Bukele specified.

The El Salvador president remembered that during his initial period in office he faced an opposition-led Congress and a court system he deemed adverse, and in that scenario “it’s difficult to try to give solutions to a country with so many problems” when “you can’t even apply the policies you conceived.”

“I told Milei that I wished him good luck, all the best and I hoped he could overcome those obstacles, both reality and the system that will try to block him. It won’t be easy,” he underlined.

On Wednesday, a labour court suspended the labour reforms of Milei’s mega-decree, which came into force last Friday and amends or repeals over 300 statutes.

“He won’t have it easy, but the next few months will be needed to see how this unfolds and hopefully to the benefit of Latin America. I wish he does well. The situation in Argentina is very difficult,” Bukele concluded.


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