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LATIN AMERICA | 18-04-2024 16:25

Mercado Libre to recruit 18,000 more staff in Latin America this year

Mercado Libre announced “the hiring of 18,000 people in the region, which will increase its payroll to over 76,000 by the end of 2024”, the company said in a press release.

Tech giant Mercado Libre announced on Wednesday the creation of 18,000 direct jobs in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Chile, taking its payroll to over 76,000 workers by the end of 2024.

The Argentine e-commerce and tech firm, presided over by Argentine tycoon Marcos Galperín, owes its growth over the last few years mainly to its operations in Mexico and Brazil, where it will hire 8,200 and 6,500 people respectively.

Now active in financial services, Mercado Libre operates strongly in its country of origin, where this year it will employ 1,800 more staff. The e-commerce firm will recruit 900 more in Colombia, another 360 in Chile, and others in Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela.

“We’re committed to inclusion and the technological and socio-economic development of our region, and for that purpose we’re still hiring the most talented people”, specified in the release Sebastián Fernández Silva, head of human resources of the company.

A quarter-century after its creation, the technology company became the Latin American company with the highest market value, according to Forbes magazine. 

The company started as a platform to purchase and sell products, then went on to develop financial services, which finalised with the virtual wallet Mercado Pago, very popular in Argentina and Uruguay.



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