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Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador calls Argentina's Javier Milei a 'conservative fascist'

Mexico's Andrés Manuel López Obrador brands Argentina's libertarian president candidate Javier Milei a "conservative fascist" and criticises La Libertad Avanza leader's description of Pope Francis.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has become the latest Latin American leader to comment on Argentina's upcoming presidential run-off, describing libertarian challenger Javier Milei as a "conservative fascist."

López Obrador, 70, also slammed Milei's criticism of his compatriot, Pope Francis.

"This ultra-conservative fascist charges against him because Pope Francis is one of the most consistent popes in the history of the Church, more devoted to the doctrine of loving your fellow man and defending the poor,” the head of state stated in a press conference.

López Obrador referred to the La Libertad Avanza presidential candidate when quoting Mexican opponents who had stated their affinity for this controversial candidate. 

Milei, who came second in the first round of Argentina's election  on October 22 with 30 percent of the vote, said previously in an interview the head of the Catholic Church is a “representative of evil on Earth,” alleging that Francis “he encourages communism with all the disasters he caused.”

He has also called the pontiff, the head of the Catholic Church, “nasty” and an “imbecile."

However, in the televised debate on Sunday with his ruling coalition rival, Economy Minister Sergio Massa (who came first in last month's election with nearly 37 percent), the libertarian said that if elected he would apologise to the Pope if necessary and would invite him to visit his homeland.

The decisive electoral second round in Argentina will take place next Sunday.



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