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SPORTS | 26-09-2023 12:15

50-year-old Mendoza cyclist dies after race in San Juan

50-year-old Gustavo Lopreste died just minutes after the competition ended due to cardiorespiratory arrest.

A cyclist has died after competing in a competition in San Juan Province.

Gustavo Lopreste died in an ambulance whilst being rushed to a local hospital after racing in a competition in the northern province this Sunday.

The 50-year-old athlete was part of the championship-winning team in the Libres y Másters event, organised by the Sanjuanina Cycling Federation.

"The competition ended and one of his teammates had won. After the race, his team got together to talk about the race. He walked slowly," noted Julio Carrión, president of the Free Cycling Group. 

Some 20 minutes after the end of the race, Lopreste told teammates he had fallen cold.

"They went to put on their jackets and he sat on the vehicle. At that moment, he got dizzy and his companions noticed he was pale. They asked him to raise his legs and they called the ambulance that is contracted by the organisation," Carrión said.

Although medical professionals arrived to assist him, they were unable to help. An ambulance took him to the Rawson hospital, but the victim suffered cardiorespiratory arrest before the vehicle could arrive.

According to local newspapers, days before his death, Lopreste had expressed his excitement to friends about participating in the San Juan competition.

The staff of the Special Crimes Prosecutor's Unit (UFI) has begun investigating the incident to clarify the circumstances surrounding the decompensation and subsequent death of the cyclist.


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