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Leaders across Argentina celebrate Pope's 10-year anniversary

Leaders from across Argentina’s political and cultural spectrum celebrate the Pope’s decade leading the Catholic Church, highlighting the Vatican leader's efforts to combat inequality across the world.

Leaders from across Argentina’s political and cultural spectrum celebrated Pope Francis’ 10-year anniversary as leader of the Catholic Church on Monday, highlighting the pontiff's efforts to combat inequality across the world

In a letter addressed to the Argentine-born Pope on the 10th anniversary of his papacy, President Alberto Fernández, Vice-President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Buenos Aires City Mayor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and a host of governors, national and provincial government ministers, leaders of trade unions and social movements, university chancellors and figures from the cultural and sporting spheres signed a joint communiqué praising the pope – a brief moment of unity that marked a chance from the norm of Argentina's stark political polarisation.

The letter expressed admiration for the Pope’s work with “excluded and poor peoples” and in defence of world peace and Mother Earth.

“We Argentines love you very much,” the letter continued, with the aforementioned outlining their desire for the Pope, who has yet to visit his homeland as pontiff, to visit his native terrain.

“We trust in your wisdom to say yes," it added.

In a separate statement issued by the Casa Rosada, the national government celebrated 10 years of Francis' papacy, paying tribute to the head of the Vatican on social networks.

"The papacy of Francis, our Argentine Pope, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Argentina pays tribute to him and highlights his message of peace, unity and solidarity," reads the post, accompanied by a video montage of images from the Catholic leader's inauguration.

The video also features a fragment of the Pope’s inaugural speech, emphasising his commitment to economic equality: "When the obsession to possess and dominate excludes millions of people and primary goods, when economic and technological inequality is such that it damages the social fabric and when dependence on unlimited material progress threatens the common home, we cannot stand by and watch."



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