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WORLD | 27-10-2023 17:10

Argentina confirms nine-month-old baby among hostages being held by Hamas

Detail confirmed was confirmed by Francisco Tropepi, Chargé d'affaires of the Argentine Embassy in Tel Aviv, who stated that he is the youngest victim kidnapped by the terrorist group.

A nine-month-old Argentine baby was confirmed to be a hostage in the conflict between Hamas and Israel. This was announced by Francisco Tropepi. 

“The youngest hostage, a baby aged only nine months old, is Argentine. It is very hard to talk about such painful subjects”, Tropepi announced upset in an interview.

This sad news was disclosed hours after the Argentine Foreign Office confirmed that Hamas has kidnapped 21 Argentines, and that communication with other countries in the region had increased to release the captives.

During the interview, the official gave details of the horror being experienced in Israel since the outbreak of the conflict on Sunday October 7: “there is great sadness among the public, one cannot stop thinking about the atrocities witnessed”.

To date, it has been announced that the terrorist group is holding 224 hostages, and over the last few days they have already released four women, among them two Americans.

Tropepi stressed that out of the total people kidnapped “there are some 200 people whose whereabouts are still unknown”.

“Israel is a small country and most of the population has been directly affected by the terrorist attack and what came afterwards”, he described.

Since the conflict started, over 1,300 Argentines have asked to be repatriated to this country and to date 11 flights have managed to bring over 1,000 people.

“The population which the Argentine Foreign Office defined as the most vulnerable comprised, on the one hand, students from many Argentine provinces on a school trip of one week to ten days; on the other hand, tourists visiting Israel to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Sukkot with their families”, the official specified. 

“Attention has also been paid to Israel residents of Argentine origin, who were repatriated promtptly after the previous cases were solved”, he concluded.

Foreign minister Santiago Cafiero met with the Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres, whose intervention he requested to release the Argentine hostages in Gaza by terrorist group Hamas, after the attack in Israel, which started on October 7. 

“I had a fruitful conversation with @antonioguterres and requested the mediation of @UN for the release of Argentine hostages in Gaza”, read the Argentine official’s post on his account on social network X, formerly Twitter.

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