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Argentines split down party lines over G20: poll

Argentines perceived the Macri government's hosting of the G20 Leaders Summit in staunchly party-political terms, a new poll suggests.

Monday 3 December, 2018
The 2019 G20 Leader Summit was a major test for the Macri presidency.
The 2019 G20 Leader Summit was a major test for the Macri presidency. Foto:Courtesy D'Alessio Irol - Berenzstein

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The successful G20 Leader Summit in Buenos Aires over the weekend underscores the polarisation present within Argentine society, a poll released Sunday suggested.

The Macri government has branded the G20 event a huge success. However, a D’Alessio IROL-Berensztein poll released just hours after the event concluded suggested that Argentines perceived the management and outcomes of the event in staunchly party-political terms.

Only 20 percent of all respondents said they felt satisfied with how the government communicated important information about how the G20 would benefit Argentina. Among supporters of President Mauricio Macri's ruling Cambiemos (Let's Change) coalition, this rose to 29 percent. For voters of the Victory Front (FpV) led by former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, approval dropped to eight percent.

Fernández de Kirchner left office three years ago in December 2015, giving way to Macri.


When it came to expectations about the future benefits of the G20 for Argentina, 33 percent of all respondents expressed optimism about international investment arriving to the country, the poll reported. However, in staunch contrast to the 56 percent of Cambiemos voters who expressed optimism, just eight percent of FpV voters felt the same, underscoring the extent of polarisation in Argentine society.

In a similar light, 30 percent of all respondents felt "pride" that Argentina had received the leaders of the world's biggest economies. That sentiment rose to 50 percent among Cambiemos voters but dropped to nine percent among opposition FpV voters.

In fact, it seemed FpV supporters were more concerned about how the G20 impacted their day-to-day lives, with 35 percent expressing concern about road blocks across Greater Buenos Aires. Thirty-seven percent of FpV voters said they were upset about a lack of public transport during the two-day event.

Meanwhile, 70 percent of FpV supporters believed the G20 would not help to mitigate the series of economic and social problems Argentina is currently facing. For 66 percent of Cambiemos voters, the G20 would be important in this sense.

Mauricio Macri's participation in the G20 was important, with 84 percent of supporters who voted Cambiemos affirming that same belief. However, 44 percent of respondents believed Argentina would neither be benefited nor disadvantaged as a result of the G20.


The D’Alessio IROL-Berensztein also asked respondents about their impressions of other world leaders.

Strikingly, 29 percent of Argentines saw Donald Trump's as the most important presence at the event. That sentiment was particularly strong among Cambiemos voters at 44 percent, but dropped to 15 percent among FpV voters.

FpV supporters instead looked at Chinese President Xi Jingping as the most important guest, with 27 percent expressing the same compared to 22 percent of Cambiemos voters.

In a close third was Russian President Vladimir Putin, with 15 percent in total, split among nine percent of Cambiemos voters and 21 percent of FpV voters.




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