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Four-year-old girl dies in Argentina after reported beating, sexual abuse

The child's mother and step-father were arrested on suspicion of involvement in the girl's death.

Monday 4 March, 2019
Ángel Marzetti Hospital in Máximo Paz.
Ángel Marzetti Hospital in Máximo Paz. Foto:BAFILM.GBA.GOB.AR

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A four-year-old girl died Saturday in Máximo Paz, on the far outskirts of Greater Buenos Aires, after reportedly being beaten and raped.

The municipality's police force arrested the girl's mother and her partner on suspicion they were involved in the death.

Police intervened in the case after the toddler, Bianca Xiomara Godoy, was taken in an unconscious state to a local health centre, the Infocañuelas local news portal reported. The mother reportedly told health workers the girl had drowned in a blow-up pool.

She was then taken to the Ángel Marzetti Hospital where hospital staff discovered injuries on her wrists, arms and face related to suspected. 

Shockingly, the four-year-old also showed signs of having being sexually abused, the news portal reported.

The girl's 23-year-old mother Viviana Beatriz Roldán and her partner Federico Sebastián Espinoza were arrested.

The case adds to an endless chain of violence in Argentina against women and girls.

The latest most shocking case unfolded last Wednesday in Tucumán province where a raped 11-year-old girl was forced to give birth to her rapist's baby.

Last year, a bill to legalise abortion up to 14 weeks was adopted by national Chamber of Deputies but defeated in the Senate.




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