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ARGENTINA | 04-03-2020 16:03

61-year-old woman killed; 28-year-old girl found dead after beating

61-year-old Monica Edith Ramos was killed in her San Luis home on Tuesday, the same day 28-year-old Jordana Belén Rivero died after falling from a building in Mar del Plata after being beaten.

The body of Monica Edith Ramos, a 61-year-old teacher originally from the Mendoza city of San Rafael, was found dead in San Luis on Tuesday, another victim in the staggering number of femicides that have occurred in Argentina so far this year. 

The teacher was killed after being stabbed multiple times at her home, which was later set on fire. Firefighters found the body in the bathroom when they entered the home Tuesday afternoon.

It was established that Ramos had been stabbed in the neck and the chest and presented other injuries that indicated she had tried to defend herself from her aggressor, according to the Diario de la República website.  

No suspect has been detained, police sources said.

Meanwhile, 28-year-old Jordana Belén Rivero, was found dead on Tuesday, after falling from a seventh floor building in the heart of Mar del Plata. The victim fell after allegedly being beaten, according to local reports.

Bernardo Luis Baraj, 50, has been arrested in relation to the death. The detainee is originally from Ushuaia, has been living in Buenos Aires, and arrived in Mar del Plata this summer. 

Rivero’s autopsy revealed that she had been hit before the fall.  

Femicide and gender violence has been in the spotlight in Argentina with reports of over 60 femicides occurring so far this year and as the country looks forward to demanding justice as a part of International Women’s Day. 

Earlier this week, 19-year-old Naim Vera was charged in the murder of his girlfriend, Brenda Micaela Gordillo, after he surrendered to police on Monday in San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca. Vera suffocated, dismembered, and burned the 24-year-old woman’s body, before scattering the remains, in an effort to cover-up the femicide. 

A total of 63 femicides were registered in Argentina during the first two months of the year, according to figures from the Observatorio Ahora que sí nos ven, a gender violence NGO — this equates to one woman murdered every 23 hours. 


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