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ARGENTINA | 02-03-2020 12:26

Femicide in Argentina every 23 hours in first two months of 2019

In the first two months of 2020, 63 femicides occurred in Argentina. In 49% of them, the aggressor was in a relationship with the victim.

A total of 63 femicides were registered throughout the country during the first two months of the year, indicating that a woman is murdered every 23 hours, according to the Observatorio Ahora que sí nos ven.

According to data provided by the organisation, chaired by Raquel Vivanco, "in 66% of cases, women were victims of those who said they loved them."

The National Registry of Femicides 2020, carried out by the Observatorio and based on "an analysis of graphic and digital media throughout the country," showed alarming figures: in the first 60 days of the year, 63 women were killed. In 49 percent of cases, the aggressor was in a relationship with the victim.

Some 17 percent of killings were committed by a former partner, while five percent were carried out by a man within the victim’s family. 

In terms of the manner of death, 23 percent of the crimes were carried out with a firearm, 18 percent with a knife, 14 percent with blunt force, 11 percent were burned, and six percent were suffocated.

The highest number of cases, 19, were recorded in Buenos Aires Province, followed by Santa Fe with 10, Santa Cruz with 6, and Córdoba with 5.


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