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ARGENTINA | 26-05-2022 19:56

'Tango D10S': Aircraft presented in tribute to Maradona in Argentina

Adorned with images and memorabilia in a travelling tribute to the late player, the 'Tango D10S' aircraft is aiming for the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Fans of Diego Maradona can now enjoy the first aeroplane to pay tribute to the iconic footballer.

With images and memorabilia creating a sort of travelling exhibition about the late player, the aircraft is aiming for the 2022 Qatar World Cup, its creators have declared. 

The ‘Tango D10S’ was introduced this Wednesday at the Morón Airport and Air Base in Buenos Aires, an event that was attended by the legendary icon's daughters, Dalma and Gianinna Maradona, as well as former players from Argentina's World Cup-winning side from Mexico 1986.

The 10-seater plane is decorated with the colours of the Argentine flag, light blue and white, and is adorned with an image of Diego kissing the World Cup and another alluding to the iconic 'hand of God' goal against England, both painted by Argentine muralist Maximiliano Bagnasco.

Its interior is decorated with Maradona memorabilia and equipped with a system that allows interaction with the voice and image of the player, who passed away in 2020.

"I think it's a brilliant idea to have the image of the best player in history on the logo," Sergio 'Checho' Batista, one of the World Cup winners who attended the presentation, told the press.

"Not having Diego with us is very painful for us," he continued. "It's the first World Cup without the best player in the world, we miss him a lot, but for us he's always there, he's always mentioned when we, the boys from '86, get together and remember some anecdote or how he led us by the hand to win that World Cup."

The 'Tango D10S' initiative belongs to the fintech company Give and Get, whose CEO Gastón Kolker explained that initially the plane it will only make private flights within Argentina.

However, the plan is to "take it to Mexico, Naples, Dubai, all the places that were emblematic in Maradona's life," he explained.

Dalma and Ganinna Maradona were in favour of the plane.

"We have a lot of emotion, we are very happy to witness this moment," said Gianinna.

"He would have loved it, we are here representing him," added Dalma, shortly before taking a look inside.

"This is not just any plane, neither for us nor for the fans. We can't believe this madness, the love they have for it that transcends everything, it's beautiful," she added.

The plane will fly to Qatar for the World Cup and then be auctioned off to support a charity, the company said.





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