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ARGENTINA | 04-05-2023 16:59

Axel Kicillof on going for re-election: ‘It would be the natural thing to do’

Buenos Aires Province aiming to secure second term in this election and disassociates himself from rumours he may be asked to launch a presidential pre-candidacy.

Buenos Aires Province Axel Kicillof has confirmed he wants to seek re-election, though he says his decision depends on the overall electoral strategy adopted by the ruling Frente de Todos coalition.

Questioned about whether he intends to seek a second term, the former national economy minister said it would be the “natural thing to do.”

"There are rumours. I am governor today and I have a term until December 10. In the meantime, we are fully functioning,” said the provincial leader in a televised interview. 

With a nod to Juntos por el Cambio’s strategy for the national and provincial elections, Kicillof then declared slyly: “I know that there are 10 opposition candidates in front of me, and as we can see, they are in a fierce internal battle.”

The 51-year-old said that provincial mayors were “permanently” asking him to seek another term and that he is “available.”

Kicillof, who is close to Vice-President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, said that his comments should not be interpreted as a formal declaration about his intentions.

"This is not a launch, but it [seeking re-election] is the natural thing to do. I always say that this is not an individual decision or a question of personal adventures. 

“We have lived through this kind of circumstances – we see it in the opposition,” he jabbed.

Regarding his candidacy, the governor said that he would make an announcement at “the right time” and that it would depend on the overall strategy chosen by the ruling coalition.

Nevertheless, he stressed: “I am working for the re-election of this project in the province, which is a project for health, security, education, infrastructure and production.”

The ruling party's internal battle over candidacies in the region is still ongoing. 




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