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ARGENTINA | 21-11-2023 17:50

La Libertad Avanza lawmaker-elect slams Argentina's 'barbaric' abortion law

Bertie Benegas Lynch, deputy-elect for La Libertad Avanza says he is in favour of repealing Argentina's law allowing abortion.

The deputy elect for La Libertad Avanza, Bertie Benegas Lynch, stated that the abortion law currently in force in Argentina “is barbaric” and said he would be in favour of repealing it.

The leader, who is close to president-elect Javier Milei, harshly questioned the current law, approved by Congress in 2020, which allows for the voluntary termination of pregnancy up to the 14th week.

“With Milei in the Executive Branch, now we have to focus on all the reforms we have to make,” said the lawmaker-elect: “All the same, I don’t disregard other aspects to deal with, a long list, such as the 'Góndolas Law' to make sure that brands are represented in supermarket aisles, the 'Rent Law'… the 'Abortion Law'? I don’t know when we can deal with it, but I think life is a primary right; having an abortion law is extremely barbaric."

Human rights activists and pro-abortion campaigners fear that Milei may look to roll-back the historic abortion reform. He is on record as saying he is against any legalisation of the procedure.

In an interview on the radio, Benegas Lynch expressed his stance about the voluntary termination of pregnancy: “I think we’re barbarians, we’re talking about the Leliq bonds to absorb excess peso liquidity and interest rates and we don’t believe in life… Yes, of course I’d repeal it. In the current climate, the green scarves’ arguments are very poor indeed."

“I have put myself in their shoes to raise counter-arguments – the mother’s body, the right over one’s body. Of course the mother has a right over her body, but it’s someone else’s life. The mother does not have 20 fingers, there are 10 other fingers that belong to somebody else, with a different DNA, and the same rights as the mother,” stressed the lawmaker-elect.

The La Libertad Avanza politician agrees with the vision of Milei and vice-president-elect Victoria Villaruel, who reiterated days before the presidential run-off alleged that some women “aborted children at term” – claims for which she provided no evidence.



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