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ARGENTINA | 08-08-2019 12:16

Building collapses onto General Paz highway

The eight-story building, which was under construction, is located in Tres de Febrero. No victims have yet been reported.

An eight-story building, in the final phase of construction, fell early Thursday morning in Tres de Febrero. The collapse occurred at the corner of Estocolmo street and the General Paz highway. 

Due to the collapse, the area is closed to motor vehicles. Tres de Febrero Mayor Diego Valenzuela pointed his finger at the architect and assured that the investigations would soon be underway to “determine what happened.”

In the early hours of the morning a rescue with trained dogs searched through the rubble to determine if there was anyone trapped under the collapsed building. Neighbours reported that both the building itself at the adjacent house were unoccupied. 

In a video obtained by Noticias Argentinas one can see that there were no cars passing by at the time of the collapse. 

Valenzuela claimed in statements to Todo Noticias that the construction plan for the building was approved in 2015 – during the previous government in Tres de Febrero. 

“The person who is legally responsible is the architect who signed off on the plan. Inspections and intimations were made because they asked to adjust some aspects with respect to the plan they had submitted,” he said. “Fortunately, at that time, there was not the traffic that there usually is during that hour.” 

The building collapsed around one in the morning. The first people who arrived at the scene were neighbors who took video with their cellphones and tried to determine if people were trapped under the rubble. 



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