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ARGENTINA | 07-08-2019 11:56

Bullrich offers Espert police protection after attack

Security Minister Patricia Bullrich reached out to presidential candidate José Luis Espert after what the latter called an “isolated event.”

Security Minister Patricia Bullrich communicated with presidential candidate José Luis Espert who reported that his car was attacked in Buenos Aires city around 10.00 pm Tuesday night. Bullrich offered him police protection after the attack according to Espert, presidential candidate for Despertamos. 

“The government has contacted me, Patricia Bullrich made herself available. She communicated with me to offer me protection,” Espert detailed on the radio programme Crónica Anunciada. 

“I consider it to be a matter of insecurity, an isolated event. If it had happened with another van that hadn't had the armored glass, something else would have happened,” the candidate added to TN, saying he had ruled out a political attack. 

According to police, the incident occurred at the intersection of Córdoba and Madero in Retiro, when two unidentified individuals tried to break the glass of the Jeep Cherokee that the candidate was traveling in. Secretary of justice and security of the city of Buenos Aires Marcelo D'Alessandro called the incident “very serious” and denounced it. 

Evaluations conducted by the Buenos Aires City Police have revealed that the attack against the truck was done with rocks and not with gun shots as was first reported. The economist confirmed that the attack was an isolated incident. 

“I am not afraid. I’m calm,” he said. 



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