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ARGENTINA | 29-05-2023 20:23

Cabinet Chief Agustín Rossi officially launches presidential candidacy

Cabinet chief formally announces his campaign on social networks; Veteran Peronist recalls ‘happy years’ of Néstor and Cristina Kirchner governments, acknowledges ‘inflation, insecurity and uncertainty.’

Cabinet Chief Agustín Rossi has officially announced he is running for president, vowing to tackle Argentina’s ongoing problems of "inflation, insecurity and uncertainty.”

Veteran Peronist politician Rossi, 63, formally declared his presidential ambitions in a video on social media that acknowledged the adversities facing the ruling Frente de Todos coalition and harked back to the years of former presidents Néstor Kirchner and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

He also spoke of the anxieties overwhelming Argentines, identifying three main problems that weigh large on the population: inflation, insecurity and uncertainty.

In his campaign spot, he spoke of the challenges President Alberto Fernández’s government has faced and vowed that he could lead Argentina out of crisis and into growth.

"I want to speak to all Argentines. I know perfectly well what Argentine society is going through today. I know what you are going through,” said Rossi in his video. 

“I know that there are days when you feel that your dreams are fading away, or that you are overwhelmed by despairI know that there are days when you feel angry, when you think that you get up every day in the morning and when the end of the month comes, what you receive for that work does not correspond to the effort, it seems inadequate and surely it is not enough for you," he continued.

"We have not had easy years. I usually say that Argentina has the convergence of four crises: the debt crisis we received, the pandemic, then the war and now the drought. And that made it impossible for us to fulfil the dreams we had in 2019 when we signed the electoral contract with the whole of Argentine society," said Rossi.

And he assured: "We thought that we were going to quickly return to those happy years we had during the governments of Néstor and Cristina. In spite of all the inconveniences, there were promises that we kept.”

Defending the record of the government of which he forms part, Rossi highlighted "one of the lowest unemployment rates in Argentina's history," as well as "economic growth," and housing, infrastructure and public works projects.

“I want to be president to guarantee that the economic growth of the coming years will be redistributed among all Argentines, that there will be growth with social inclusion and income redistribution, and that this growth will happen year after year,” the former defence minister concluded.

Rossi has always defined himself as a Kirchnerite and Peronist and he led the Defence Ministry for the first year and a half of the Fernández administration.



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