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ARGENTINA | 20-06-2023 16:34

Cecilia Strzyzowski investigation: Police analyse bones found during search

Bones being analysed to try to determine if they belong to Cecilia Strzyzowski, the 28-year-old last seen in Resistencia almost three weeks ago.

Investigators searching the body of Cecilia Strzyzowski in Resistencia have discovered bones and are awaiting the results of tests to discover if they belong to the 28-year-old who was last seen almost three weeks ago.

Tactical divers from the Chaco Province police force searching the Quijano canal and Tragadero rivers discovered bones scattered across locations, as well as other “relevant elements.”

The news was confirmed to the Noticias Argentinas news agency by both police and judicial sources. The La Nación newspaper reported Tuesday that a pendant similar to one belonging to the suspected victim was also found.

The remains will now be analysed by the Instituto de Medicina y Ciencias Forenses de Chaco (Institute of Medicine and Forensic Sciences of Chaco), reported Infobae. The outlet said that a witness had identified the location in new testimony, prompting the search.

The area where the bones were found is close to the Barrio Emerenciano Sena de Resistencia neighbourhood, named after the powerful picket leader who is Strzyzowski’s father-in-law and one of the prime suspects in the case. His wife, Marcela Acuña, is also in custody. 

Sena’s son César Sena, who is being held as the presumed author of the suspected femicide, is Strzyzowski’s husband.

On Monday, investigators revealed they found what they believe to be the missing woman’s engagement ring among other burnt remains, including a suitcase, in the same neighbourhood.

Investigators have security camera footage that shows Strzyzowski entering the Sena family home on Friday, June 2. Prosecutors believe the 28-year-old was likely murdered and dismembered after she was killed.

A landlord of the Sena family home testified before the team of prosecutors handling the case that he saw her "gagged and alive." He claims that "they took her body to a rubbish dump.”

Prosecutors in Chaco also said Tuesday that Emerenciano Sena had appeared before prosecutors to give a statement at the request of his defence attorney.

Sena refused to answer questions after providing a statement, said prosecutor Jorge Gómez.

Gómez, speaking on Tuesday morning, said that the evidence gathered so far indicated that Cecilia had been murdered at the Sena family home.

"The conclusion is that Cecilia was killed on June 2 in that house," said the prosecutor, confirming that they believe César Sena killed his wife and that his parents were "necessary participants."

"César committed a femicide and not his parents, in principle," said Gómez.

Strzyzowski’s disappearance has rocked both national and provincial politics. The issue loomed large over last Sunday’s PASO primary election in the provinces, with voters dealing a blow to Peronist Governor Jorge Capitanich, a once close ally of the Sena family, and damaging his re-election hopes.


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