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Subte's C-line to closed for next two weeks

C-line is now closed for two weeks as part of the works to modernise signalling system. Transport officials say more buses will be running.

The Subte underground system's C-line will be closed for two weeks, as transport officials move to modernise its signalling system.

The line, which runs from Retiro to Constitución, was shuttered on Saturday for a spell lasting until Sunday, February 2, as Subterráneos de Buenos Aires Sociedad del Estado (SBASE) officials move forward with the replacement of the current mechanical signalling system. A new, magnetic one will be installed to speed the service.

In addition, the implementation of the "Próximo Tren" system is also planned for the line, which indicates how much time users have to wait before the next train arrives at the platform.

Work will also be carried out to upgrade Retiro station on the C-line, which will include the installation of a lift to connect surface level with the platform. New flooring will also be installed, with improvements also made to ceilings, LED lighting, and the fronts of commercial premises and ticket offices.

The stoppage is expected to cause problems for many porteños – nearly 200,000 passengers who use the C-line daily will have to resort to other means of transport to reach their destination: most will probably turn to the various bus lines that make a similar journey, although others will opt for the EcoBici system, taxis or walking, if possible.

As far as buses are concerned, the frequency of the different lines that run on the Metrobus del Bajo and the 9 de Julio will be increased to compensate for the loss of service, according to City officials.


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