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Seven Argentines make the cut on annual Forbes rich list of billionaires

US magazine releases annual ranking of the richest businessmen in the world – who are they, how much do they accumulate over the past year and what is the size of their fortunes?

Forbes magazine has released its annual list of richest entrepreneurs in the world, with seven Argentines making the cut.

According to the business magazine, the instability of the global markets – primarily a result of the coronavirus pandemic and Russia's invasion of Ukraine – has significantly reduced the number of billionaires on the list this year. Nevertheless, the planet’s richest individuals hold a combined wealth of US$12.7 trillion. 

Tesla boss Elon Musk, who recently bought into Twitter, was identified as the world’s richest man for the first time. His fortune, which rose to US$219 billion, saw him surpass Amazon's Jeff Bezos with US$171 billion.

In Forbes' latest edition, 2,668 individuals globally were identified as billionaires, 87 fewer than the previous year.

Seven Argentines, belonging to different categories, were included in the prodigious ranking. They are as follows:


=1) Marcos Galperin – Position 764: US$3.9 billion

The richest Argentine is Marcos Galperin, founder and CEO of Mercado Libre. Ranked 764th this year, last year out he was 440th in a select group of the world's 500 richest businessmen, when he had a fortune of USD$6.1 billion. According to Forbes, the CEO of Mercado Libre now has wealth totalling US$3.9 billion.


=1) Paolo Rocca – Position 764: US$3.9 billion

In the same position (with an identical size fortune) are the brothers Paolo and Gianfelice Rocca of Grupp Techint. It is worth clarifying that, on the list, the Roccas appear as Italian citizens. Paolo Rocca moved up a few places from last year (807th) as his fortune increased by USD$200 million. However, the brothers remain outside the 500 richest individuals in the world, unlike in 2018 and 2019.


3) Gregorio Pérez Companc – Position 1096: US$2.8 billion

In position 1096 is businessman Gregorio Pérez Companc, with a fortune of USD$2.8 billion. Gregorio built the Pérez Companc energy conglomerate and sold it in 2002 to Petrobras for a billion dollars. Pérez Companc rose more than 200 positions in this year's ranking – last year he was 1,299th with US$2.4 billion. The family also has a strong presence in food and telecommunications.


4) Alberto Roemmers – Position 1,292: US$2.4 billion

Alberto Roemmers is ranked 1,292nd, with a fortune of around US$2.4 billion. The majority owner of Laboratorios Roemmers, Argentina's largest pharmaceutical company, he occupied 745th position in 2019, but fell last year to 1444th position, with US$2.2 billion. In the latest incarnation of the rich list, Roemmers has recovered some positions.


5) Alejandro Pedro Bulgheroni – Position 1,579: US$1.9 billion

Billionarie Alejandro Bulgheroni, who leads Argentine energy company Bridas Corp, is placed 1,579th. His fortune totals US$1.9 billion, although last year he was ranked 925th. He has experienced a significant drop in his fortune, falling from US$3.3 billion to US$1.9 billion in just a year.


=6) Eduardo Costantini – Position 1,929: US$1.5 billion

Eduardo Costantini, the owner of real-estate firm Consultatio and founder of MALBA, reached position 1,929 this time out, with his approximate net worth of US$1.5 billion. He fell nearly a hundred places from last year, even though his fortune rose USD$300 million.

=6) Eduardo Eurnekian – Position 1,929: USD$1.5 billion

Argentine business leader Eduardo Eurnekian, of Armenian origin, is in the same position as Constantini, with a fortune believed to be worth USD$1.5 billion. He moved up more than 300 places on last year as his fortune increased by US$200 million.



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