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ARGENTINA | 19-12-2023 17:39

Milei government out to end PASO primaries in extra Congress sessions

In order to reduce political expenditure, President Javier Milei's government will seek to remove the PASO primaries from the electoral process and propose an amendment to the Electoral Code that would implement the single ballot system.

President Javier Milei's government will move to eliminate Argentina's PASO primary elections in special Congress sessions in the coming weeks.

The libertarian leader will also propose an amendment to the Electoral Code that would implement the single ballot system.

“We know there is a half-enacted bill of reforms and we believe that the next election we have to aim for a single ballot system to avoid not just money being spent, but the confusion it often generates,” said Interior Minister Guillermo Francos during a recent rally marking 40 years of democracy organised by the National Electoral Court.

The official stressed: “It’s incredible that in 40 years of democracy we haven’t been able to change this system where a voter arrives at a polling station and finds 500 party ballots."

The PASO primaries were created in 2009 during former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner's government via Law 26,571, in which it was established that political parties are obliged to choose candidates through open, simultaneous and mandatory primaries.

The goverrnment's package of measures to be debated in Congress will apparently include its Omnibus Law.

Within La Libertad Avanza they state that the decision had been made to divide the mega-bill into three themed packages: one specifically for new legislation, amendments and repeals aimed at modernising the State, another specific segment on economic matters and another one linked to the social area. The most urgent matters to be tabled are the first two.

At his usual morning conference on Tuesday, Presidential Spokesperson Manuel Adorni revealed that the government was “finalising the details” to “imminently” disclose oits so-called “omnibus law” and issue a flurry of urgent decrees aimed at de-regulating different areas of the economy.

“It will be imminent. I can’t give an exact date,” said Adorni, when consulted about when the details of the bill, which would contemplate several reforms to be submitted to Congress for analysis would be disclosed.



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