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‘Gran Fiesta Patria’ – Milei heads to Córdoba without his ‘Pacto de Mayo’

Presidential Spokesman Manuel Adorni and Córdoba provincial government confirms Governor Martín Llaryora has made “everything necessary” available for head of state – but Javier Milei will not be inking his proposed ‘Pacto de 25 de Mayo’ on Saturday.

 “Gran Fiesta Patria lies ahead, full stop,” wrote the presidential spokesman Manuel Adorni in the X (ex-Twitter) social network. In Córdoba, this has been interpreted as President Javier Milei making explicit his presentation in the city after the collapse of his ‘Pacto de 25 de Mayo.’

Every recent statement and movement has been pushing towards the possibility of a rally at Córdoba City Hall with the President leaning over the balcony of that emblematic colonial building. But for that to happen depends on the decision of Córdoba City Mayor Daniel Passerini.

Córdoba City Hall is a place housing some municipal departments which is often used for institutional rallies and meetings but there are still no clear indications with respect to the “libertarian” encounter.

According to what has been detailed to Infobae by official sources, the President will head a tribute to the Revolution of 1810, but in principle he will only be accompanied by members of his Cabinet and will be the only orator of the afternoon.

For now, it is known that Governor Martín Llaryora will preside the May 25 civil and military parade in Río Cuarto during the morning, thus confirming the afternoon visit of “the President of the Nation, Javier Milei, to our Province and, respecting the institutional status required by the occasion, the Governor will accompany the agenda as scheduled by the Presidency,” the provincial press office informed in a brief communiqué.

To that end it describes that “the Province has made available to the pertinent national organisms everything necessary for this institutional milestone to be accompanied by the people of Córdoba.”

Although various Córdoba City Hall sources consulted neither confirm nor deny the rally, they are working on the spot. The last time City Hall was used for political rallies was under Germán Kammerath, the lieutenant-governor of the late José Manuel de la Sota when they were founding the “Unión por Córdoba” at the end of the last century.

There the Peronists celebrated their victory over the Radicals in the provincial capital and it was also the place chosen for the remains of 1995-1999 Radical governor Ramón Mestre.


President Milei’s committee in Córdoba

Several officials and La Libertad Avanza militants will be in Córdoba today or at least such is the expectation. The President is sure to be accompanied by his Vice-President Victoria Villarruel and also by Foreign Minister Diana Mondino, a native of Córdoba.

Guillermo Francos (Interior) and Luis ‘Toto’ Caputo (Economy) are two of the ministers already noted down to accompany Milei onstage. The President never makes a move without his communication team so that a committee of influencers is also expected.

Congress Speaker Martín Menem and Senate libertarian caucus chief Bartolomé Abdala will also be present but the attendance of Cabinet Chief Nicolás Posse and key spin doctor Santiago Caputo have yet to be confirmed.


Córdoba City Hall

The colonial building was inaugurated in 1610 and is located in the heart of the historic centre, forming together with the Cathedral, la Cañada and the Arco (arch) de Córdoba the foundational characteristics of Córdoba’s provincial capital. 

Located in front of the plaza San Martín, it is surrounded by a “supermanzana” block of Jesuit constructions and a wide variety of restaurants and cultural offerings.

It is a place replete with history as the first place from which the city’s municipal affairs were run and then, alternatively, the provincial government house and later the police headquarters used as a torture centre during the dictatorship. Since then it has functioned as a cultural centre and a historic museum although some of its inner spaces continue to be used for institutional activities.

The esplanade it shares with the Cathedral would permit an important number of Milei militants to gather but their number will be reduced. It is not a habitual venue for mass rallies. The President will be able to use one of the balconies on the 15 arcades making up its facade.

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