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Guillermo Francos: Political negotiator respected by opposition

President Milei’s new Cabinet chief is a lawyer who co-founded the party Acción por la República. He will push for “dialogue” after replacing Nicolás Posse.

Guillermo Alberto Francos, born on April 20, 1950, in Puerto Belgrano (in the proximity of Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires Province), is a lawyer and politician with a long track record in politics and both the public and private sectors. 

Until this week he has headed the strategic Interior Ministry in President Javier Milei’s administration since last December 10. The La Libertad Avanza leader’s announcement that he had accepted the resignation of Nicolás Posse on Monday was paired with the news that Francos was to be Argentina’s new Cabinet chief.

After studying law at the Universidad del Salvador, Francos began his political career in the 1970s, working as a private secretary in the Justice Ministry. 

In the 1990s he co-founded, along with former economy minister Domingo Cavallo, the political party Acción por la República. He was elected deputy in 1997, sitting in Congress until 2000.

In the private sector, Francos worked for Grupo Eurnekian, occupying executive posts in Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 and LAPA airline. In 2007 he was named head of the Buenos Aires provincial bank (BAPRO) by then-governor Daniel Scioli, where he created Provincia Microempresas, an initiative to grant loans to small businesses.

In 2019 he was appointed by then-president Alberto Fernández to represent Argentina at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB, or BID in its Spanish acronym), resigning from that post last year to join Milei’s presidential campaign.

As Interior minister, Francos had the responsibility of maintaining contacts with provincial governors to obtain parliamentary approval of President Milei’s flagship ‘Ley de Bases’ mega-reform bill. 



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