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ARGENTINA | 11-01-2024 15:33

Jorge Macri: ‘We need to deport foreigners who commit crimes’

Buenos Aires City mayor calls for deportation of criminals after City Police arrest three criminals with no Argentine citizenship.

Buenos Aires City Mayor Jorge Macri has stated the foreigners who commit crimes ought to be deported from the country. 

The remark, delivered via the X social network, was motivated the City Mayor’s statement was the arrest by the Buenos Aires City Police of three foreign criminals without Argentine nationality. 

“Last night, after a call to 911 City Police staff arrested three criminals robbing a domestic appliance shop in Balvanera, who attempted to flee. All three are foreigners and none of them are Argentine citizens,” Macri posted. 

In that vein, he added: “The regulations which amended the Immigration Law in 2017 to speed up the deportation of foreigners who are not citizens and choose our country to commit crimes, which was repealed in 2021 by Kirchnerism.”

“Our City must no longer be a venue to commit crimes,” added the former government minister during Horacio Rodríguez Larreta’s administration.



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