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ARGENTINA | 20-07-2018 10:49

Moyano warns government after huge fine for Teamsters union

Union boss Pablo Moyano has threatened "a response" to the Labour Ministry's fine, which he described as "a whim" on the part of President Mauricio Macri.

Argentina’s powerful Teamsters Union has threatened “a response” to the $809 million-peso (US$29.2 million) fine it received from the Labour Ministry on Thursday over its alleged failure to comply with a conciliation procedure.

“We will not put up with this austerity, so the government will just have to deal with our response”, Teamsters Union boss Pablo Moyano told the C5N television network.

The fine is the latest chapter in the ongoing battle between the Moyano family and the Mauricio Macri government. It has included strikes against the Macri administration on the one hand and corruption litigation against the Moyanos on the other.

“Of course we will go to court. It could take some time but we have declared a state of alert and protest. Between Monday and Tuesday, Teamsters leaders will meet across the country and we will surely decide on a response”, Moyano added.

The union has three days to appeal the decision but is first required to pay the fine, which Moyano described as a “whim on the part of Macri”.

He said Labour Minister Jorge Triaca “is going to be responsible for taking away cancer treatment, rehabilitations services, medication and surgery from the children of 20,000 affiliates.

“Then they can deal with workers’ reactions”.


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