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ARGENTINA | 28-05-2024 11:36

Milei to meet with CEOs of Meta, Google, Apple, OpenAI

Javier Milei will meet with “four of the 10 most important businessmen in the world” during his trip to the United States, according to Presidential Spokesperson Manuel Adorni.

Presidential Spokesperson Manuel Adorni says Javier Milei will meet with “the owners of four of the 10 companies with the highest market capitalisations in the world” during this week’s trip to the United States.

With his capitalist measuring point, the official was alluding to Milei’s upcoming meetings with the CEOs of Meta, Google, Apple and OpenAI.

His meetings will start this Tuesday with Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, while the last one will be with Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook and head of Meta.

He will also sit down with the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai and the CEO of Apple, Timothy Cook.

Here's a look at the careers of the four influential businessmen:

  • Mark Zuckerberg: This US programmer and entrepreneur, born in 1984, rose to fame more than 15 years ago as one of the creators and founders of the social network Facebook.Since 2021, he has been responsible for Meta Platforms, the parent company behind Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Threads and hundreds of other subsidiaries, products and services. In April 2018, Zuckerberg was the youngest person to appear on the Forbes billionaires list, with a fortune valued at close to $100 billion, making him the eighth-richest person in the world.
  • Sundar Pichai: Indian-US programmer, born in 1972, who has been CEO of Google since August 2015. He joined the company in 2004, rising through the ranks after leading the company's software innovation and product management efforts, overseeing the introduction of Google's Chrome browser and ChromeOS operating system. Responsible for Google Drive, he has led on key applications such as Gmail and Google Maps. Pichai was included in Time magazine’s 100 most influential people list in 2016 and 2020. 
  • Timothy Cook: US engineer and entrepreneur, born in 1960, who serves as the current CEO of Apple Inc. Cook joined Apple in March 1998 and served as chief operating officer under co-founder Steve Jobs, eventually replacing him and doubling the company's revenues and profits, increasing its market value 358 billion euros to the current 2.5 trillion euros. His personal fortune amounts to around one billion euros.
  • Sam Altman: US programmer, blogger and investor, born in 1985, who serves as the current CEO of OpenAI, a company that in recent years has burst onto the scene, revolutionising the planet with innovative technology and the development of artificial intelligence. He was named the top investor under 30 by Forbes in 2015 and one of the ‘Best Young Tech Entrepreneurs’ by BusinessWeek in 2008. Altman is considered one of the most exciting start-up founders in recent history.


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