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ARGENTINA | 24-07-2019 14:06

New poll: Macri and Vidal trail opponents among voters in BA province

Synopsis survey of 1,390 voters in Buenos Aires Province places Macri 8.6 points behind Fernández, with Governor Vidal 1.8 points behind challenger Axel Kicillof.

A new poll by the firm Synopsis forecasts bad news for Mauricio Macri and his electoral coalition in Buenos Aires Province, placing the president and Governor María Eugenia Vidal behind their Kirchnerite opponents. 

The survery found that, if the presidential primary elections were held today, 44 percent of voters in the province would support Frente for Todos presidential candidate Alberto Fernández, with only 35.4 percent backing President Macri.

For the gubernatorial primary race, the poll gave Kirchnerite pre-candidate Axel Kicillof a thin 1.8 point advantage over Vidal, who stood at 40.5 percent. Buenos Aires Province has traditionally been a Peronist stronghold.

However, 10.1 percent of the 1,390 voters polled remain undecided for the provincial primary elections, compared to 6.2 percent for the presidential primary elections. 

Interestingly, if the poll were to reflect the exact attitudes of voters, it suggests that Vidal may have resisted Macri’s fall in approval and could still ultimately win re-election. 

While the majority of Vidal supporters also support Macri, 13.8 percent say they will support other candidates such as Roberto Lavagna and José Luis Espert or remain undecided. 

Polling for both the presidential and gubernatorial votes show Macri and Vidal have higher levels of support among older voters, while Fernandez and Kicillof have far greater levels of support by younger voters. 

On issues, 64.1 percent of voters are concerned by economic troubles such as inflation and unemployment, while only 18.7 percent were worried about corruption. 




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