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ARGENTINA | 12-06-2024 10:16

‘Polish Spider-Man' arrested as he tries to climb Puerto Madero tower

Polish free-climbing daredevil Marcin Banot arrested after attempting to scale 30-storey Globant tower in Puerto Madero without ropes.

A Polish daredevil was arrested in Buenos Aires Tuesday as he tried to scale a 30-story building without ropes, only to be removed by firefighters.

Marcin Banot, dressed in an Argentine football shirt, was intercepted after climbing 25 floors of the Globant building as onlookers gathered below. 

More than 30 firefighters, ambulances and police cars were rushed to the scene after someone inside the building called an emergency line.

Images of the man climbing the 30-storey building in the Puerto Madero neighbourhood using just his hands and feet quickly went viral on social media. Onlookers flocked to the scene.

He did not resist efforts to remove him. 

Back on the ground, Banot was arrested. He risks being ordered to pay the costs for the rescue operation, officials said.

The 36-year-old has pulled similar ‘Spider-Man’ style stunts in other countries and has hundreds of thousands of followers on social networks.

"He is a person who knows about free climbing. These are challenges he does for Instagram," said Federal Police officer Gonzalo Dominique, who was part of the rescue operation.

He had already tried to climb the same building last week, but was prevented by police. 


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