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ARGENTINA | 15-09-2022 23:43

Poll finds one in two believe CFK assassination attempt was fabricated

Survey of 1,700 individuals finds that 58.4% of respondents believe failed shooting attempt in Recoleta to be “an invented fact.”

Two weeks after the failed assassination attempt against Vice-President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner rocked the nation, a new poll has claimed that one in two Argentines still believe it to be “an invented fact.”

The survey, carried out by the DC Consultores political consultancy firm between September 8 and 11, found that 58.4 percent of respondents are sceptical of the failed shooting attack, believing it to be “an invented fact.”

Of those quizzed, 18.5 percent said that the murder attempt in Recoleta on September 1 was “an act of madness” carried out by the perpetrator, 35-year-old Fernando André Sabag Montiel, who tried to shoot the former president twice outside her apartment building in Recoleta.

Faced with multiple choice options, only 18.9 percent described the event as “an assassination attempt,” while 4.2 percent said it was “an act against all politicians.”

According to its organisers, the survey has a 2.5 percent margin of error.

Other additional surveys of late have also underlined the lack of belief in the attack. 

The Zuban Córdoba consultancy firm, citing its poll of 1,200 people carried out between September 5 and 7, the first week after the attack, found that 55.4 percent believed the attempt was part of "conspiracy" or organised by an organisation, with just 15.9 percent believing it was the work of a lone gunman. More than 70 percent said they had no confidence that the justice system would uncover the truth about the attack.


Political views

The DC survey also asked respondents for their views on the likely presidential hopefuls in next year’s general election. 

Opposition candidates led the way, with 26.2 percent of respondents saying they would choose PRO party chief Patricia Bullrich as their preferred candidate, with Buenos Aires City Mayor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta bagging 21.6 percent of voting intention.

Of the probable candidates from the ruling Frente de Todos coalition, only 4.1 percent said they would definitely back a re-election bid from President Alberto Fernández, while 17.9 percent opted for his second-in-command, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

Just over 20 percent said they would back Economy Minister Sergio Massa, who has not confirmed if he will run for Casa Rosada, though only if “there were no other” candidate on the ticket. 

A whopping 71.7 percent responded that they would “never vote” for the Frente Renovador leader – a figure that rose to 75.3 percent for Fernández de Kirchner and 75.4 percent for President Fernández.

In another section of the survey, 74.4 percent said they would not vote for a Kirchnerite candidate “no matter who is put up,” while 82.6 percent said they would “vote for a change of course” at the next presidential election, underlying the uphill challenge facing the government.

Finally, the poll asked respondents about the “feeling produced by the national government." Some 85 percent said they were “dissatisfied,” with only 15 percent answering that they were “satisfied.” Of the latter group, 9.6 percent were hopeful about the future. 




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