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ARGENTINA | 22-10-2019 16:49

Roberto Lavagna victim of 'security service operations,' says campaign chief

As the race comes to a close, the Consenso Federal hopeful's team also tells voters he won’t hold any political position in a government if another candidate wins Sunday's vote.

Presidential candidate for the Consenso Federal party, Roberto Lavagna, has been the victim of misinformation pushed by outside groups that want to “taint his prestige” and “damage his reputation in order to gain votes,” his campaign chief said today.

In the final push before the election this Sunday, Armando TorresTorres dismissed rumours that the former economy minister would join a Cabinet led by presidential frontrunner Alberto Fernández, should the Frente de Todos candidate be elected on October 27.

“Roberto Lavagna will not be the economy minister of any administration nor will he occupy any public office if another party wins,” said the campaign chief said from the party offices, emphasising Lavagna is only running for president. 

Continuing, Torres claimed anything the public hears to the contrary stems from the efforts of underhand intelligence service agents seeking  to damage his reputation “because they know he is the most trustworthy man in Argentina.” 

Torres blamed the “trolls,” saying unscrupulous naysayers and promoters of rumours are only getting worse. 



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