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CULTURE | 15-06-2022 20:06

'I’ll be talking to my lawyers!' – US actor Kevin Bacon threatens Buenos Aires restaurant with lawsuit

US actor Kevin Bacon stunned – and unhappy – to learn that a restaurant in Buenos Aires is using his name and likeness to flog burgers.

In a remarkable tale involving Hollywood and hamburgers, US actor Kevin Bacon has threatened a chain of restaurants in Buenos Aires with legal action.

Bacon, 63, discovered during an interview on US talk show Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel that an eating establishment in Argentina’s capital city is using not only his name, but his likeness, to flog burgers to the masses.

“This is a fast-food restaurant in Argentina and it seems to be called Kevin Bacon Fast Good,” Kimmel told the actor while showing images of the burger chain and its social media channels.

The star of films including JFK, Apollo 13 and Mystic River appeared unamused by the segment. He did not hide his irritation and made a warning which alarmed the business.

“I’ll be talking to my lawyers,” the 63-year-old said. 

“I clearly didn’t have photo approval,” complained the Footloose actor, remarking that, “It’s not a good picture.”

Despite Kimmel’s attempts to smooth over the actor’s evident discomfort with jokes, Bacon warned again: “I’ll be talking to my lawyers tomorrow.”

The burger chain, which has three locations in Palmero (Gorriti 4788; Armenia 1744; Italia 1081) responded quickly once the interview went viral online. The Instagram account “KevinBacon.FastGood,” which had more than 45k followers at the time of writing, disappeared, as well as its official website.

The brand can now be found under the username “KB.FastGood” and its logo – which previously featured an image of the actor – has been replaced with a drawing of French fries, hamburgers and the letters ‘KB.’

The store’s owners then posted a provocative message to the actor on their Instagram page in Spanish, which roughly translates to: “Chill Kevin, we’re not just a pretty face. We also have tremendous burgers.” They followed this up with a second image showing a poll with other famous faces and the question: “Who will be our new face?”



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