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Juntos por el Cambio governors to back ‘omnibus’ bill, fiscal package

Interior Minister Guillermo Francos and Cabinet Chief Nicolás Posse lead talks over the so-called ‘Ley de Bases,’ potentially brokering a deal to see its passage through Congress.

Provincial governors aligned to the Juntos por el Cambio coalition met Thursday with top government officials at the Casa Rosada to thrash out a deal to guarantee support for President Javeir Milei’s ‘omnibus’ reform package.

Interior Minister Guillermo Francos and Cabinet Chief Nicolás Posse led talks over the so-called ‘Ley de Bases,’ brokering a deal that could also see the government raise the income-tax floor.

"It was a positive meeting. We had a dialogue with the governors of Juntos por el Cambio on the ‘Ley de Bases’ and the fiscal package. We have reached an agreement with the governors present, who have committed to support both bills," Francos told the press after the meeting.

Chubut Province Governor Ignacio ‘Nacho’ Torres – who has clashed fiercely with Milei on social media – said afterwards "there is a good chance that the law will be passed."

He commented that it is likely that the debts that the national government maintains with provincial jurisdictions will be brought before the courts, but he clarified that "they are two separate issues" and would not prevent the bill from being approved.

"We are going to analyse this week the proposals that we received, we have some differences on the issue of income-tax and on the issue of pensions," Torres said after the meeting, which lasted an hour-and-a-half.

"In view of the ‘Pacto de Mayo,’ agreement, many of the proposals were taken and I welcome the willingness to dialogue," said the Patagonian leader.

According to sources in the Casa Rosada told Noticias Argentinas, the government plans to send the final drafts of its fiscal package and omnibus bill to provincial governors and the heads of caucuses next week so that they can analyse them. 

The Executive hopes that the two bills can be voted on together.



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