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New food app Pinny to launch in Buenos Aires on Thursday

Forget Rappi and Glovo – there's a new food app in town connecting users with amateur chefs and it launches in Buenos Aires today.

Pinny, an online marketplace app created to connecting chefs and kitchen aficionados with lovers of homemade food, will launch Thursday in Buenos Aires. 

The application has already been in operation in La Plata since August 15, earning in its first weeks 2,550 active users with more than 550 chefs and an average of 90 daily requests. 

At the moment the app is hoping to reach 15,000 users rapidly, along with 3,000 chefs and more than 700 distributors in the capital.

According to its founders, Pinny is a start up that works with the fundamentals of the sharing economy and offers the possibility to all cooking professionals to undertake their own businesses, generating a product that satisfies the demand for homemade and healthy meals at an accessible price. 

The app proposes itself as a “nexus and motor that modifies the consumption and food habits of Argentines to reevaluate homely customs and homemade food.” 

Those that want to be part of the network will not have to be professional chefs or have restaurant experience, although they must comply with rigorous hygiene standards and adhere to the promise of providing quality service to all of their clients. 

Users will have access to the chef’s profiles and comments from other users. Once they receive their request, they will be able to rate chefs and leave their own comments. 

Pinny Chef, on the other hand, is a second app that is only be available for use by chefs, who can list up to 22 dishes at the same time and choose the most suitable price. 

Chefs will have the possibility to choose a delivery area of between one and four kilometres, while users will be able to choose a payment of cash or card. 

Martín Pérez, the app’s creator, believes he will reach over 30,000 users after the launch in Buenos Aires on Thursday. 

“By the end of the year we have predicted launches in large cities like Rosario, Santa Fe, Córdoba, Mendoza and Neuquén, where we believe we going to achieve over 100,000 users,” Pérez added. 

Furthermore, he guaranteed that “every person that buys food is going to be able to eat tasty and healthy by buying from Pinny.” 

“We don’t target one public in particular, but all those who are fans of prepared food,” Pérez explained.  


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