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ECONOMY | 30-04-2018 11:22

UCA report: Poverty in Argentina affecting 8 million children, teens

Child poverty rose 2.1 percentage points in 2017, according to a Catholic University of Argentina study.

Eight million children and teenagers in Argentina experience some form of poverty, a Catholic University of Argentina (UCA) report has found.

The UCA study reported that child poverty rose to 62.5 percent in 2017, up 2.1 percentage points from 60.4 percent last year.

The investigation was conducted by UCA's Argentina Social Debt Observatory, which highlighted that some improvements had been made in increasing income to these homes. However, taking in social factors, the report found that 8.2 million children and teenagers under 17 years-of-age faced difficulties in accessing basic rights like housing, food and health.

The most shocking results were found in Greater Buenos Aires where 75.3 percent of children experience some form of poverty.

The report also revealed that around 19 percent of young people in Argentina face barriers to accessing their “right to education”, while some 30 percent live in precarious living conditions “in terms of the materials used in the construction” of their homes.

Like most Latin American countries, poverty in Argentina is a key political and economic issue.

The country's INDEC statistics bureau recently reported that one in four Argentines live in poverty. 



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