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ARGENTINA | 21-09-2022 14:39

BBC World Questions returns to Buenos Aires

BBC and British Council to co-host panel discussion on key social issues affecting Argentines; Participation of in-person audience welcomed.

The BBC will return to Buenos Aires next month to record a new version of its popular 'World Questions' show, bringing together leading politicians, influencers and members of the public for a discussion on the issues that matter most to Argentines.

The debate, scheduled for October 4 and produced in partnership with the British Council, will be recorded and edited before being aired on BBC World Service radio.

BBC presenter Jonny Dymond will moderate the talk on location at the Teatro Picadero in Buenos Aires with a panel of leading politicians and thinkers. The debate will be led entirely by questions from a public audience.

With runaway inflation, interest rates pushing 70 percent, and the recent attempt on the life of Vice-President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, there's no shortage of topics to address. Despite being one of the most stable democracies in Latin America and serving as a key trading partner for global powers, Argentina's political division and rampant inflation continue to dominate the minds of politicians and the public. These topics are, accordingly, expected to be at the forefront throughout the event. Environmental and gender issues are also likely to be broached.

In addition to Dymond, the panel will consist of four experts from a range of professional backgrounds:

– Emmanuel Ferrario: First Vice-President of the Legislature and Deputy Head of Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires
– Agostina Mileo: Environmental Scientist and Science Communicator, also known as "Scientist Barbie"
– Ana Iparraguirre: Political Analyst and Vice President of GBAO
– Delfina Rossi: Economist and Chair of the Banco Cuidad, Buenos Aires.

“We are excited to return to Argentina for the first time since the pandemic,” said Gwenan Roberts, Commissioning Editor of BBC World Service English in a press release. “There is so much to discuss. We look forward to sharing the views of our panel and audience with our listeners around the world.”

This event will be the second of its kind in Buenos Aires, but the first with an interactive component. The previous function was scheduled for March 2020 and was delayed before eventually occurring with substantial Covid-19 public health restrictions in place.

“We are delighted to welcome BBC World Questions back to Buenos Aires,” said Robert Chatfield, Country Director of the British Council in Argentina in the same release. “In March 2020 we had to cancel the audience attendance due to the pandemic, so this will be an emotional evening. We look forward to seeing a lively debate!” 

Members of the public can be part of the audience by applying for free tickets at the British Council's website at

Audience members are also invited to attend a reception at 6.30pm to prepare queries for the panel.

The event will be recorded for broadcast worldwide via BBC World Service Radio, and will air on Saturday, October 8 at




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