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ARGENTINA | 12-06-2019 12:55

Cambiemos rebrands as 'Juntos por el cambio' in wake of Macri-Pichetto announcement

Following hot on the tails of President Mauricio Macri's announcement that Río Negro Senator Miguel Ángel Pichetto as running-mate in October's election, we now have a name for the ticket: Juntos por el Cambio, or 'Together for the Change.'

We know the line-up, now we have a name.

Following hot on the tails of President Mauricio Macri's announcement that Río Negro Senator Miguel Ángel Pichetto will be his running-mate in October's election, the Cambiemos ("Let's Change") governing coalition has announced its new identity for the upcoming run at the ballot boxes: 'Juntos por el cambio' (or in English, "Together for the Change").

The new brand will be used for the alliance that groups together PRO (Propuesta Republicana, or "Republican Proposal"), the UCR (Unión Cívica Radical, or "Radical Civic Union"), the Coalición Cívica ("Civic Coalition") and a selection of so-called 'Alternative' Peronists. 

Pichetto, leader of the Senate majority, is from the Partido Justicialista (PJ, or "Justicialist Party"). He is expected to appear with President Mauricio Macri for the first time since an announcement at an event later today.

Speaking to Radio Mitre this morning, Pichetto explained how he came to be Macri's running-mate.

"After the trip I made to New York, a process of rapprochement began," Pichetto said, referring to a visit to the United States in April, during which he met with investment funds and banks.

"I had a dialogue with [President Macri] and we shared a vision of the country, an exit path, of having fiscal order, agreeing on a model of orderly capitalism so that Argentina can grow," he added. "We agreed on international politics, on what Macri did that allowed us to rebuild relations with the world."

Members of Cambiemos offered Pichetto a warm welcome, following Tuesday's announcement.

UCR President and Governor of Mendoza Province Alfredo Cornejo welcome the senator "into our political space," adding that "any expansion of the coalition is positive."

He said the move reflected the concerns of Radicals, who had called for a "better and stronger government coalition" at their recent party convention.

Outspoken firebrand Civic Coalition lawmaker, Elisa 'Lilita' Carrió, also welcomed Pichetto into the fold on Tuesday night, describing him as a "responsible professional" and praising his "responsible behaviour the Alianza government," a reference to the Radical-led 1999-2001 administration. She said the arrival of the Río Negro senator offered the president "governability."



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