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Nicolás Posse one step closer to exit amid tension with Karina Milei

The Cabinet chief’s absence at President Javier Milei show at the Luna Park has fed further into the rumours that he is to be ousted. The names that could succeed him.

The absence of Cabinet Chief Nicolás Posse at the Luna Park stadium on Wednesday night did not go unnoticed. 

As President Javier Milei put on a show to launch his new book, the internal conflicts of Argentina’s Cabinet were still festering in the background. A dispute that dates back weeks, even months, as reported by Perfil, was out in the open.

For practically all of the following day, the Casa Rosada denied rumours of the Cabinet chief’s imminent departure. Versions were circulating in the press and the potential departure of Posse from the Cabinet was making the headlines.

Despite the denials, multiple local outlets are still reporting that Posse’s time in post is nigh.

The Cabinet chief goes way back with President Milei. They worked together at Corporación América, where they formed a professional and personal relationship.

But resentment, since Milei’s arrival to office, has built. It started with Posse’s “mistake” about salary disputes, but the real problem is that the official has fallen from grace with Karina Milei – “The Boss,” as christened by the President and the woman who wields the true decision-making power in the libertarian administration.

President Milei gave an interview on Thursday to the LN+ television channel, but he did not offer definitions. 

He did, however, say his Cabinet would be judged by its ability to score successes in Congress. And he revealed that former Central Bank governor Federico Sturzenegger, a man who already has a prominent role under Milei, would at some point be appointed to a ministerial position, though it will not be as Posse’s replacement. 

Posse has racked up internal spats by stepping over administrative cases, delaying appointments and causing unrest in the government, according to sources. There have been complaints reaching Karina’s ears which have turned into deep spite, they add.

The President’s unrest has grown too. There are some who say that he does not attend Cabinet meetings (he has missed the last three) so as not to cross paths with Posse. 

Some report that the Cabinet chief was not even invited to the Luna Park, regardless of the fact that figures from within his circle blame “scheduling” problems.

From the corridors of Casa Rosada they pointed out that nobody has made a move to reconcile. Milei does not show signs of any approach. No tweets, no photos, no messages on networks. “It seems to be final,” the sources say.

Among the names circulating as his potential replacement is Security Ministry Patricia Bullrich. In her inner circle they pointed out that there is nothing specific, no agreement, but that the bond with the President is ideal.

Another name is Eduardo ‘Lule’ Menem. This would mean a key spot taken by a man answering to Karina. Another possible name emerging was Interior Minister Guillermo Francos, a figure who has good links and relationships inside and outside the Government.

José Luis Espert has also emerged as a potential option, but the economist has the fewest political contacts.

More than one source from inside the government pointed out that Posse is one of the few with a comprehensive overview of the operation of the State – something the other names mostly lack. He was also in charge of drawing up technical teams during the campaign. There are also those who point out that his presence in Córdoba is not confirmed for this Saturday. A no show would practically be confirmation of his final exit.

For the time being, the Government has not defined anything. Yet the hard facts are that Posse has suffered from exhaustion during his days ahead of the State’s switchboard.




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