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Rumours grow of Posse’s imminent exit from Cabinet

Speculation is rife in Argentina that Cabinet Chief Nicolás Posse’s time in government is set to end.

Speculation is rife in Argentina that Cabinet Chief Nicolás Posse’s time in government is set to end.

Rumours began sweeping through newsrooms and WhatsApp groups Thursday, with the Casa Rosada denying the reports in messages to journalists. Presidential Spokesperson Manuel Adorni also refuted the claims in his daily press conference.

However, some government sources contradicted those claims, with multiple local outlets stating that Posse’s exit is a question of when, not if.

The reports were in part sparked by Posse’s non-appearance at President Javier Milei’s book launch event at the Luna Park stadium in Buenos Aires on Wednesday night. The Cabinet chief was the only major frontline official not to attend. 

However, he did oversee a much-depleted Cabinet meeting at the Casa Rosada the following morning. Milei did not attend, preferring to stay at the Quinta de Olivos presidential residence. His sister, presidential chief-of-staff Karina Milei, was the other notable absence.

Differences between President Milei and Posse reportedly began a few months ago, when the two diverged over pay hikes for government officials, lawmakers and congressional staff.

An exit, nevertheless, would still be something of a surprise, given the history between them. Posse and Milei worked together at businessman Eduardo Eurnekian's Corporación América conglomerate, forming a working relationship that dates back more than a decade. When Milei won last year’s presidential run-off, Posse quickly joined his team.

The President has already lost more than 20 government officials, despite taking office just six months ago. Posse would be the biggest departure so far, only challenged by the exit of  Guillermo Ferraro as Infrastructure minister.

Just last week, Posse presented his first management report in the Senate – the first of the Milei administration. It was the first time he had made a significant appearance and spoken publicly.



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