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ARGENTINA | 24-05-2024 09:28

Argentina's Milei calls Spanish PM Sánchez 'laughing stock of Europe'

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez "is the laughing stock of Europe in diplomatic matters," declares President Milei in TV interview.

President Javier Milei has hurled fresh insults at Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, calling him the "laughing stock of Europe," the latest verbal attack in a diplomatic spat between the two nations.

The Spanish premier "attacked me in every way possible, and when I responded in the abstract with an example, he felt targeted and used every state apparatus to respond, to the detriment of a beautiful relationship between the peoples of Spain and Argentina," Milei told local television station LN+ in an interview broadcast on Thursday.

"Today he is the laughing stock of Europe in diplomatic matters," said Argentina's right-wing leader.

On Sunday, Milei told a Madrid conference organised by the Spanish far-right Vox party that Sanchez had "a corrupt wife."

The Spanish prime minister recently considered resigning after prosecutors opened a preliminary corruption investigation against his wife, Begoña Gómez, which was quickly closed.

The Socialist leader has denied the allegations against his wife and said his government is "clean."

Milei's remarks about Gómez sparked a diplomatic furore that saw Spain on Tuesday announce the "definitive" withdrawal of its ambassador to Argentina after its fiery libertarian leader refused to apologise for his comment.

In response, Milei branded Sánchez an "arrogant socialist" with an "inferiority complex" and recommended he see a psychologist, further stoking tensions.

Spanish Labour Minister Yolanda Díaz, who is also one of three deputy prime ministers, earlier this month accused Milei of sowing "hatred" in the ongoing diplomatic clash.

Milei said in the LN+ interview on Thursday, referring to Sánchez: "He sent his ministers to attack me; he did not even have the courage to do it."

He also called Sánchez an "incompetent, lying, coward."

The harsh words between senior officials in Madrid and Buenos Aires have become the worst diplomatic crisis of the Argentine government under Milei, who has also sparred with leaders of Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico and Brazil.



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