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ARGENTINA | 08-08-2019 14:37

47% of violent homicides against women in capital last year were femicides

Report released by a prosecutorial unit specialising in violence against women found 19 violent murders of women over last year, of which nine were considered to carry hallmarks of a femicide.

Nearly half of the violent homicides committed against women in Buenos Aires City last year involved the characteristics of femicides, according to an official report. 

In 2018, 47 percent of homicides against women were considered femicides, compared to 52 percent the year before. 

The data was revealed in a new report, Femicides and violent homicides against women in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires 2018, released by the Prosecutorial unit Specialising in Violence Against Women (UFEM), headed by Mariela Labozzetta. 

The report indicates that nine of the 19 violent deaths involving women in the capital carried the hallmarks of femicide. In the report, femicide is defined as as a murder committed against an individual because they are a woman, or as the murder of women by men motivated by hate, contempt, pleasure or a sense of ownership over the woman. 

The report also revealed that 32 percent of the incidents were committed by family members, with 75 percent carried out by men. Some 78 percent took place in private areas, with 44 percent in homes. Regarding means of killing, 44 percent of victims were strangled, 22 percent were shot and a similar percentage were beaten to death. 

Six out of the nine cases of femicide were committed by who people the victim knew personally and five of those were committed by the partner or former partner of the victim. 

Additionally in 55 percent of cases, some type of sexual element was involved in the crime. 


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