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ARGENTINA | 18-03-2019 10:56

Macri, CFK would lose run-off against all other major candidates, says poll

In polarised Argentina, middle-of-the-road candidates pose a major threat to Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and President Mauricio Macri's chances.

President Mauricio Macri and former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner would lose against all other major candidates in a run-off presidential vote, a pollster reported Monday.

Observers in Argentina agree that the government and the Kirchnerite movement are betting on the country's societal and political polarisation as a ticket to the Pink House, though middle-of-the-road candidates pose a major threat to their chances.

If the October elections were brought forward to March, and were to lead to a run-off between the two strongest performing candidates, Macri would beat Fernández de Kirchner and Kirchnerite lawmaker Agustín Rossi by a slight margin, a poll by Synopsis reported.

Kirchnerite candidates, therefore, appear as Macri's only chance for a first-round wind, according to the survey's findings. The same applies for Kirchnerite candidates in relation to Cambiemos candidates.

Overall, 31.6 percent of those polled said they would vote for a candidate from Macri's Cambiemos (Let's Change) coalition, while 54.4 percent said they would put their vote to a candidate from another political movement. Nearly 14 percent remained undecided, the poll found.

The Kirchnerite movement enjoyed a similar voting intention as Cambiemos, with 32.8 percent affirming they would vote for a candidate aligned to Fernández de Kirchner.

For the dissident Peronist movement Federal Argentina, voting intention was 13.6 percent; while it was 4.9 percent for Progressives; 1.8 percent for the Left; and 5.4 percent for other movements. 



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