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ARGENTINA | 12-08-2019 13:59

Pichetto: 'This is a punishment from the middle class'

The Peronist leader said after the stunning defeat of the Juntos por el Cambio ticket that it was a reaction from people who were hurt by the 2018 devaluation.

Mauricio Macri’s running-mate, Miguel Ángel Pichetto, said Monday that the shocking defeat that the government was handed in the PASO primaries was a “punishment from the middle class and workers.”

He also assured that the campaign would immediately begin to work hard to recover their support before the elections in October. 

On his way to his office, the leader of the Peronist block in the Senate told reporters that his electoral ticket needs to “keep working” and that “we must analyse the very closely the citizenry’s vote.”

Pichetto was chosen as Macri’s running-mate back for the Juntos por el Cambio ticket in June, in a surprise decision aimed at bringing Peronist voters into Macri’s camp and improving governance, should Macri win re-election. 

"I think there's a demand from the middle class and workers," he said.

"There was no-one who would have expected that result. It has to do with a sort of punishment of sectors that undoubtedly felt the impact of the 2018 devaluation and the tariff adjustment. These are real data about the economy," he told TN.

Asked about the reaction of markets, Pichetto said that it was “predictable.”

"We need to stay calm and see how the market evolves, how investors act with the assets they have in the country," he said.

"This should be a cause for interest and concern for those who have won as well, because from here until October there is a 70 day process. Although the responsibility for continuing to govern is the responsibility of the government, it seems to me that it is important to act responsibly in conjunction with the Argentine political system."

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