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ARGENTINA | 03-12-2019 15:26

Rossi: Máximo Kirchner will be confirmed as Frente de Todos caucus chief

"Máximo Kirchner will be the next president of the bloc, it will be formalised," says FpV leader in lower house, speaking Monday.

Frente de Todos will today formalise Máximo Kirchner's appointment as the leader of its unified Peronist caucus in the lower house Chamber of Deputies, says Agustín Rossi.

"Máximo Kirchner will be the next president of the bloc, tomorrow it will be formalised," said Rossi, speaking on Monday.

The Santa Fe lawmaker, who currently heads the Frente para la Victoria ("Victory Front," FpV) caucus, told the Futurock radio station that "a consensus has been built between all the sub-blocs that make up Frente de Todos" around the figure of the son of former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, who will preside over the Senate in her role as vice-president.

Rossi said that on Tuesday he would preside over his "last bloc meeting" as the leader of the FpV caucus. "Surely then we will decide that Máximo is the president of the bloc of Frente de Todos and that Sergio Massa is our candidate to preside over the lower house Chamber of Deputies."

He said the move "clearly reflects the balance within the coalition." Rossi is set to take on the role of Defence minister in president-elect Alberto Fernández's Cabinet.

Rossi said he was happy to take on any role in the incoming administration.

"I will be where Alberto asks me to be, I have been chatting with Alberto about [the] Defence [minister post] since before October 27," he said.

he national lawmaker added that "Alberto [Fernández] is preparing with his team a package of foundational bills to deal with in extraordinary sessions."

Speaking to the El Destape radio station, the president of the Justicialist Party's (PJ) National Council, former San Juan Province governor José Luis Gioja, described the move as an "expression of renewal."

"It is a genuine expression of renewal," he said, described the former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner's son as "militant and a compañero" who is "more than important."

"His youth makes us believe that a renewal is coming," Gioja concluded.



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