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ARGENTINA | 16-10-2023 08:54

Sergio Massa hints Roberto Lavagna would form part of his future administration

Unión por la Patria presidential candidate Sergio Massa says that if he wins the elections the former Minister of Economy Roberto Lavagna "will have a lot to do" with his government "from December 10" onwards.

Presidential candidate for the ruling Unión por la Patria coalition Sergio Massa has offered voters a hint at the make-up of his future plans for government, saying that he would look to incorporate ex-economy minister Roberto Lavagna into any future administration.

"From December 10, Roberto will have a lot to do [with my government]," revealed Argentina's economy minister during an appearance on Channel 13's newly returned-to-air La Noche de Mirtha TV programme.


Speaking during an interview with 96-year-old diva Mirtha Legrand, Massa expressed confidence that he will defeat libertarian frontrunner Javier Milei in the October 22 election and, if necessary, a second-round run-off on November 19.


Appearing with his wife, Tigre politician Malena Galmarini, and legendary TV star Moria Casán, the candidate responded to questioning from journalist María Julia Oliván about the place Lavagna would have in a hypothetical government led by him. Via multiple responses, Massa attempted to paint his potential future government as a new chapter for Argentina and a break with the current administration.

Responding to another question from Oliván about the continuity of members of the current Cabinet, Massa said pointedly that several current officials would not continue in their post. 

"There are a lot of ministers in this government who would not be ministers with me, I have no doubt. I said it and I reiterate it," he said, hinting at dissatisfaction with its current path. 

In any case, Massa clarified that he will not announce "any [Cabinet] position until after October 22," once the elections are over and it is known whether he will make the run-off.

The candidate also referred to the scandal over the luxury trip of former Buenos Aires Province Cabinet chief Martín Insaurralde, who was asked to resign when photos and videos of him with a model in Marbella were made public.  

"I had a good personal working and social relationship with Insaurralde. What happened was extremely serious. The fact that he resigned the same day shows how serious it was. That same day I spoke to the governor and asked him to resign," he recalled.

"If we represent Argentine society as a whole, we have to be very careful about our actions and our word. That is why I asked for his resignation as an official and as a candidate," Massa added.

The ruling coalition hopeful expressed confidence about his chances in the election, saying that if he does not win outright next weekend, "we will go to the second round" and emerge victorious. 

Massa indicated that, if elected president, he would look to form a "government of national unity, bringing together radicals, socialists, PRO, and also sectors from the world of work and the business world."




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