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ARGENTINA | 14-02-2023 23:07

Staggered voting creates intense 2023 electoral calendar for Argentina

La Pampa’s primaries last Sunday marked the opening of an intense electoral calendar in Argentina.

La Pampa’s primaries last Sunday marked the opening of an intense electoral calendar, whose final horizon looks to be a probable presidential run-off in November. 

Even if staggered among various provinces, the campaign promises to dominate the national agenda, thus complicating the attention paid to either governance or legislative activity. 

La Pampa will be followed on April 16 by provincial elections in Neuquén and Río Negro, two provinces skipping the PASO primaries with votes that truly count. 

On May 7 it will be the turn of Jujuy, Misiones and La Rioja with an even more important electoral milestone the following weekend as La Pampa, San Juan, Salta, Tucumán and Tierra del Fuego all vote. Corrientes, one of the two provinces along with Santiago del Estero not electing a new governor this year, will be holding provincial legislative elections on June 4. 

The following weekend, June 11, will see elections in San Luis and PASO primaries in Mendoza, a province where there is no gubernatorial re-election. In these primaries Radical (UCR) Senator Alfredo Cornejo, the predecessor of outgoing Governor Rodolfo Suárez who has endorsed him, faces possible internal competition from PRO’s Omar De Marchi.

On June 18 there will be a major election in Córdoba, which is also skipping primaries. Here the opposition Juntos por el Cambio coalition face a complex definition of candidates with PRO’s Luis Juez and the Radical Rodrigo de Loredo vying to be the successor of current Peronist Governor Juan Schiaretti.

At national level June 24 will be the deadline for the presentation of the lists of hopefuls for the nationwide PASO primaries on August 13 with the general elections 10 weeks later on October 22, with a presidential run-off on November 19 if needed.

Returning to the provincial agenda, Mendoza and Entre Ríos will vote on September 24 with July 30 primaries in the latter province. 

On the same day as the national elections, all those provinces which have not staggered their elections will be choosing their next governor, among them  Buenos Aires Province, which promises some attractive PASO primaries, above all on the opposition side (with Diego Santilli, Cristian Ritondo and Lanús Mayor Néstor Grindetti for PRO, among others), while for now Frente de Todos is bent on the re-election of Axel Kicillof. 



– June 14 is the deadline for presenting electoral fronts.
– On June 24 the deadline for defining the lists to compete in the nationwide PASO primaries on August 13 will expire. 
– With the candidates defined, the presidential campaign will formally kick off on September 3.
– On October 22 the national elections will be accompanied by Buenos Aires City and Province at local level, among other provinces, while any possible runoff is set for November 19.



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