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ARGENTINA | 15-07-2019 17:27

Union boss fires back at Clarín's 'neutrality' claim: 'We're Peronists'

Héctor Daer takes aim at Clarín newspaper's claim that the CGT is showing lukewarm support for Peronist candidates. Kingpin Hugo Moyano also chimes in.

The suggestion on Clarín newspaper's Monday front-page that the CGT union confederation "will not support any candidate in the presidential elections" scheduled for October prompted an immediate reaction among union leaders.

"The #CGT is not neutral, @clarincom. The #CGT is Peronist and would never support this government", one of the two leaders of the CGT Héctor Daer wrote on Twitter, referring to the Mauricio Macri government.

Daer is scheduled to meet presidential hopeful Alberto Fernández amid uncertainty over Fernández's position on labour reform. Economist adviser to the candidate, Guillermo Nielsen last week suggested the next government should act to reform the current system, a proposal Fernández has since rejected.

"How could the #CGT be neutral if [the Macri] government is seeking to eliminate Collective Labour Agreements after the election?" Daer added in his Tweets.

In line with Daer's sentiment, CGT's adjunct secretary Andrés Rodríguez told El Destape Radio that "most" union members are Peronist and would be supporting Alberto Fernández and his running mate Cristina Fernández de Kirchner at the ballot this October.

The meeting between Dáez and Fernández comes after the candidate, a surprise threat to Macri's control of the Pink House among the broad field of Peronist hopefuls, held several meetings last week with union power players including transport kingpin Hugo Moyano and bankers' union leader Sergio Palazzo.

Among those chiming in on the matter, Moyano quickly urged the CGT to "tell us who they won't vote for... if they won't say who they will vote for".

"The CGT must say that they won't support a government that threatened the rights of workers", he told El Destape Radio.

The Mauricio Macri government, Moyano alleged, would in its second term seek to "exploit the people and end the rights obtained by workers" while describing President Macri as "an employee of the United States".


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