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ARGENTINA | 17-07-2019 09:51

Assailants slit bus driver's throat; drivers strike to demand more security

Drivers in Lomas de Zamora, in Buenos Aires province, protested Wednesday to call for greater security measures on bus services.

A bus driver was brutally attacked in the early hours of Wednesday morning as two men tried to rob him.

The incident occurred just 10 blocks from the bus terminal in Villa Fiorito in the Buenos Aires provincial district of Lomas de Zamora.

One of the men slit the driver's throat and broke one of his fingers.

Drivers in the district protested Wednesday to call for greater security measures on bus services.

The assailants forced the driver to change his route before attacking him, La Tercera reported.

The man received emergency medical care and was recovering well from his injuries, authorities reported.

His colleagues' protest comes despite more security cameras being installed in the province's buses.

The bus line for which the driver works, the 247, was in fact one of the first lines in the province to receive security cameras. Over 1,200 buses are operating with cameras now, the provincial Security Ministry reported. Anti-panic devices are also soon to be installed.

The 247 is an important bus line in the south of Buenos Aires province connecting areas like Villa Fiorito, Villa Caraza, West Lanús, Valentín Alsina, Gerli, Piñeyro, Avellaneda, Monte Chingolo, Sarandí, Villa Domínico, Wilde, Bernal, San José and Solano.


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