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OPINION AND ANALYSIS | 11-10-2022 14:25

Alberto Fernández, the solitary president who ‘resists with endurance’

The president set about his latest Cabinet reshuffle on his own. He did not want to pick up the phone and generate a consensus on key portfolios such as Social Development and Labour.

The hours passed by and nobody had any information. 

This time President Alberto Fernández was absolutely secretive. But not because of the secretiveness of the negotiation with his vice-president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, or even with his economy minister, Sergio Massa. This time he wanted to demonstrate power by personally choosing the new ministers. 

Obscured, with a weakened role since the departure of Martín Guzmán, Fernández wanted to take the initiative, but only half-heartedly. Power is not to be had, but to be exercised, is a philosophical concept that is always valid. That power is not to be had, but to be exercised, is a philosophical concept that is always valid.

The president sent Victoria Tolosa Paz to the Social Development Ministry, a post that the deputy had been seeking since the beginning of the Frente de Todos cycle in office. She is the third minister to take on the portfolio, a real electric chair. 

At the Women, Gender & Diversity Ministry arrives Ayelén Mazzina, a 32-year-old from San Luis Province who was surprised by the offer. And at Labour, the most coveted post, Kelly Olmos, 70 years old, a verticalist with no major aspirations and a historical acquaintance of his because she has always been part of Peronism in Buenos Aires.

A trade unionist who talks to the president at least three times a week could not even get through. "He is resisting with endurance as the [Kirchnerites] used to say," he told Perfil late on Monday, after the changes had been made official.

There are very few who see a future for the president beyond December. That’s a lethal feeling in politics. That’s why there are other ministers who spread rumours saying that there will be more resignations in December. Who wants to be a minister for a politician with an expiry date?

When Mauricio Macri left office only six ministers who arrived with him in 2015 were still in office. Alberto has 14 months left and only five remain. Of that total, only one responds exclusively to him: Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero. The rest have other plans.

Ramón Indart

Ramón Indart


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